Top 10 Best Hide A Key Box in 2022

1Lucky Line Jumbo Magnetic Key Hider, Case Holder for Larger ... Top Pick

Lucky Line Jumbo Magnetic Key Hider, Case Holder for Larger …

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2Key Lock Box for Outside - Rudy Run Wall Mount ... Best Quality

Key Lock Box for Outside – Rudy Run Wall Mount …

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3Hillman Large Plastic Magnetic Key Case Recommended

Hillman Large Plastic Magnetic Key Case

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4Ram-Pro 3-Pieces 3 Inch Plastic Hide-A-Key, Lock Box, Key-Holder, to ...

Ram-Pro 3-Pieces 3 Inch Plastic Hide-A-Key, Lock Box, Key-Holder, to …

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5Lospu HY Indoor & Outdoor Key Lock Box Wall Mounted ...

Lospu HY Indoor & Outdoor Key Lock Box Wall Mounted …

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6Kingsley Guard-a-Key Black Realtor's Lockbox

Kingsley Guard-a-Key Black Realtor’s Lockbox

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7imurz Exterior Outdoor Waterproof Hide Key Safe Lock Box Secure ...

imurz Exterior Outdoor Waterproof Hide Key Safe Lock Box Secure …

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8Gorilla Box Magnetic Key Holder Will Hide A Key for ...

Gorilla Box Magnetic Key Holder Will Hide A Key for …

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9Key Lock Box, UPXON Large Capacity Key Storage Box with ...

Key Lock Box, UPXON Large Capacity Key Storage Box with …

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10Hide & Drink, Leather Catchall Change Keys Coins Jewels Box ...

Hide & Drink, Leather Catchall Change Keys Coins Jewels Box …

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Review of Best Hide A Key Box

Top Pick

Lucky Line Jumbo Magnetic Key Hider, Case Holder for Larger ...

1. Lucky Line Jumbo Magnetic Key Hider, Case Holder for Larger …

  • Brand: Lucky Line
  • Manufacturer: Lucky Line
  • Color: Jumbo
  • Dimensions: Height: 0.8 Inches Width: 2.4 Inches Length: 4.4 Inches Weight: 0.05 Pounds `
  • Publication Date: 2015-06-01T00:00:01Z


  • Avoid lockouts: hide a key for emergencies or lockouts; safely hide a key, cash or notes for friends, family, Neighbors, and children
  • HEAVY DUTY MAGNETS: two heavy duty magnets hold on to any steel surface; strong enough to be placed underneath a car and survive rough terrain
  • Durable: and rugged black plastic case with easy-slide lid keeps key secure and dry
  • Permanent mount option: self-tapping screw for easy mounting, no drill required
  • FITS EXTRA LARGE: transponder and rubber-headed keys; dimensions are 2-3/16 inch (W) x 4-3/8 inch (L) x 7/8 inch (H); Inside cavity is 3/4″ deep

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Best Quality

Key Lock Box for Outside - Rudy Run Wall Mount ...

2. Key Lock Box for Outside – Rudy Run Wall Mount …

  • Brand: RUDY RUN
  • Manufacturer: Rudy Run
  • Dimensions: Height: 2.0 Inches Width: 4.0 Inches Length: 5.0 Inches Weight: 1.1 Pounds `


  • Durable Lockable Keybox; our lockbox is built with high grade rust and corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy and heavy duty stainless steel to the highest quality standards and tough enough to withstand hammering, sawing, and prying.
  • Safe and Secure Locker; our adjustable 4-digit combination lock, which is made of zinc alloy, allows you to set your own combo code with 10000 personalized passcode. It also includes protective cover to hide and protect dials from dust, rust, sunlight, rain and snow. No more worries about low quality products.
  • Large Storage Capacity; at least 5 house or car keys can be locked in this mountable box as well as fob, credit cards and USB thumb drives. It is suitable for outdoor and indoor use and can be used for emergency access or family, pet sitters and friends keyless entry to apartment, garage, garden, classroom, factory, company, store, college, dorm, vacation home, and etc.
  • Easy Installation and Operation; included all necessary mounting hardware consisting of 4 screws and 4 nylon expansion plugs as well as instructions. Simply insert the screws and plastic expansion plugs and drill them to the wall or other hard surface and make sure it is mounted tight. The lock door is easy to open when you use the right numbers.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee; our lock boxes are backed by our manufacture 30 days money back guarantee and 12 months warranty.

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Hillman Large Plastic Magnetic Key Case

3. Hillman Large Plastic Magnetic Key Case

  • Brand: Hillman
  • Manufacturer: The Hillman Group
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: Height: 2.3 Inches Width: 3.5 Inches Length: 11.4 Inches Weight: 0.1 Pounds `


  • SPARE KEY STORAGE: This key case is the ideal way to keep a spare key always on your vehicle in case your key becomes lost, damaged, or locked in your vehicle
  • HEAVY DUTY MAGNETS: Two heavy magnets hold securely to most metal surfaces and can be placed on the underside of vehicle for a convenient hiding place
  • DURABLE PLASTIC CASE: Strong plastic build will not rust or crack when exposed to adverse weather conditions
  • FITS MOST KEYS: Plastic case can fit larger and rubberhead keys, keeping them safe and dry even during storms

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Ram-Pro 3-Pieces 3 Inch Plastic Hide-A-Key, Lock Box, Key-Holder, to ...

4. Ram-Pro 3-Pieces 3 Inch Plastic Hide-A-Key, Lock Box, Key-Holder, to …

  • Brand: Ram-Pro
  • Manufacturer: Ram-Pro
  • Color: 3 Inch – Magnetic Key Hider – 3 Pack
  • Dimensions: Height: 3.0 Inches Width: 1.0 Inches Length: 3.0 Inches Weight: 0.2 Pounds `


  • Recessed strong Magnet Securely Attaches and Holds Case on any ferrous metal, steel or Iron surface, where only you can find it such as on your Door frame, behind rain Gutter, behind your car Bumper, inside Mailbox, behind Tonneau cover, Cubbyhole, even on your Refrigerator or other Metal object to keep an extra or hidden emergency spare key handy.
  • Durable, Waterproof, Rust Free, Tough, Corrosion/Heat/Impact Weather-resistant Black ABS Plastic case construction, stays securely closed, Protects key safely, and will not rust or crack.
  • Improved sliding cover design with built in stop to prevent cover from being dropped or misplaced.
  • Easy to open, discreet design blends in with surrounding environments.
  • Fits most larger Heavy duty & rubber headed home & auto keys, money, USB flash drive or small documents up to 3″ x 1-3/8″ x 1/4”.

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Lospu HY Indoor & Outdoor Key Lock Box Wall Mounted ...

5. Lospu HY Indoor & Outdoor Key Lock Box Wall Mounted …

  • Brand: Lospu HY
  • Manufacturer: Lospu HY
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: Height: 3.0 Inches Width: 2.8 Inches Length: 4.8 Inches Weight: 1.0 Pounds `


  • 🏡This outdoor key hider can be securely mounted – discreetly – by your door. It has a robust push button code on the box allowing access to your keys by those who you’ve told the code. Hide a key outside with this outdoor key safe with rubber cover
  • 🏡This wall mounted key safe is the solution with its weather resistant place to keep a spare key for your home or car.Ideal for emergency entry, home healthcare access, vacation homes, storing spare keys etc
  • 🏡Rust-resistant Steel:Supplied with the required fixings to securely fit it to the outside of your building, the key safe also comes with a rubber cover so that no one will be able to instantly recognise it. The entry code can be easily set to one of your choosing and changed as often as you like maintaining the security of your property
  • 🏡Wall Mounted with Supplied Fixings ,10 Digit Mechanical Key Safe,Weather Resistant with Removable Rubber Cover,The Key Safe can be set with your choice of code
  • 🏡This outdoor key safe box’s Internal Size: 70x40x25mm ,External Size: 105x65x55mm

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Kingsley Guard-a-Key Black Realtor's Lockbox

6. Kingsley Guard-a-Key Black Realtor’s Lockbox

  • Brand: Kingsley
  • Manufacturer: Kingsley Locks
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: Height: 5.5 Inches Width: 2.3 Inches Length: 0.65 Inches Weight: 0.59375 Pounds `


  • Durable All Metal Construction
  • Fits Over 5 Keys
  • 10,000 Possible Combinations
  • More Storage Than Conventional Lockboxes
  • Easy to Use and Recombinate

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imurz Exterior Outdoor Waterproof Hide Key Safe Lock Box Secure ...

7. imurz Exterior Outdoor Waterproof Hide Key Safe Lock Box Secure …

  • Brand: imurz
  • Manufacturer: imurz
  • Color: 1 Pack, Black
  • Dimensions: Weight: 0.9038952742 Pounds `


  • ✅[HIGH SECURITYLOCK BOX] Resettable lock box for house ke allows you to safely keep your keys or ide other items like your keys, nd share your keys wihneighbors, family or friends, never lock them in Outside!
  • ✅[EASYTO USE ANDINSTAL]10 digit can set and reset your personalied pssword.Clear instuctions for the key box and included mountingaccessories easily mount the key lockbox on a wall or door, no power required!
  • ✅[CURABLEAND STRONG DESiGN] The locbox for keys outdor is made of trong and durable aluminum alloy material, which can resist hammering, sawing orprying attacks.This ust-resistant small lockbox with a removable rubber cover provides weather protection, making it more discreet and durable.
  • ✅[LARGESTORAGE CAPAITY’] The key bo withcode has alage space and can hold 5 to 7 motise keys. You can put your house keys or car keys in it when you areat work or on vacation.
  • ✅[WIDE APPLCATONS]】 lt is a great value key safe for indoor and outdooruse to store home keys, car keys,access cards or other small tenms deal for dleanersworkers,the elderly, children after school Airbnb,Property management realtors andlod and famnily members vacation homeretals o jut as a spare key ste fothose in need.

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Gorilla Box Magnetic Key Holder Will Hide A Key for ...

8. Gorilla Box Magnetic Key Holder Will Hide A Key for …

  • Brand: Gorilla Box
  • Manufacturer: BayView Labs
  • Color: Grey
  • Dimensions: Height: 1.5 Inches Width: 2.5 Inches Length: 3.5 Inches


  • Hide a key with this waterproof box built to withstand the elements. Our geocaching magnetic key holder can help keep small objects safe, even under cars. Our durable container can be used as a spare key hider, car key lock box, stash box and key box for realtors.
  • Rust-proof Neodymium magnets. Built with the strongest Neodymium commercially available and can withstand over 50lbs of separation force. Waterproof and weatherproof. Thoroughly tested in all environments: snow, rain, mud, etc.
  • Magnetic key holder under car built with durable PC and ABS that does not interfere with incoming or outgoing signals. The color has been carefully selected to be discrete against vehicle chassis so you can hide a key for your car without any problem.
  • Our Key Hider Internal dimensions in inches: 3.19”(L) x 2”(W) x 1.2”(H)Internal dimensions in centimeters: 8.1cm (L) x 5cm (W) x 3.2cm (H)
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY – We are a US-based company and stand behind all of our products. The quality of this product is guaranteed. If the product exhibits any defects in workmanship or materials, we will replace it free of charge.

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Key Lock Box, UPXON Large Capacity Key Storage Box with ...

9. Key Lock Box, UPXON Large Capacity Key Storage Box with …

  • Brand: upxon
  • Manufacturer: UPXON
  • Color: Grey


  • 【Durable & Sturdy】The key lock box is made of aluminum, zinc alloy and heavy-duty steel, which make this key lock box much durable and sturdy, can protect the box from hammering, sawing or prying. No need to hide a key under the carpet, the vase or under a stone any more.
  • 【2 Install Method】This key lock box is so easy to install with two ways installation. With a removable shackle, you can securely hang this lock box on doorknob, fence or anywhere you like. Or you can mount this lockbox on the wall. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • 【Safe & Easy to Set】This key lock box is an adjustable combination lock with 4-digit code and it offers 10,000 unique combinations, maximizing the security and eliminating the risk of lucky guesses. And it’s easy to set your own password with the manual.
  • 【Large Capacity & Wide Application】The key lock box has large space, which can hold up 5 keys. You can put your house keys in it when you go to work or on vacation. Suitable for emergency entry, Airbnb, realtors,pet sitters ,etc. Highest security for hide a key outside like your front door, your garage, your office, or warehouse.
  • 【WEATHERPROOF】This lock box is rust-proof, corrosion-resistant and waterproof, great for indoor and outdoor use. It comes with a slide cover to offer protection from rain, snow, jamming or freezing, which makes this key storage box more discreet and last years.

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Hide & Drink, Leather Catchall Change Keys Coins Jewels Box ...

10. Hide & Drink, Leather Catchall Change Keys Coins Jewels Box …

  • Brand: Hide & Drink
  • Manufacturer: Hide & Drink
  • Color: Old Tobacco
  • Dimensions: Height: 7.0 Inches Width: 0.13 Inches Length: 8.88 Inches Weight: 0.471875 Pounds `


  • HIDE & DRINK’S 101 YEAR WARRANTY: Each one of Hide & Drink’s rustic, durable leather products is made with care and craftsmanship, with every item handmade to the highest standard. Our confidence in our belts knows no bounds, so we include each belt that you purchase with a 101 Year Warranty. We aim for nothing but 100% satisfaction when it comes to our products, so if you’re not satisfied, just get in touch with us and we’ll help you as quickly as possible.
  • HANDMADE FROM SOFT & ATTRACTIVE FULL GRAIN LEATHER: All of Hide & Drink’s products are hand cut and handcrafted using the highest quality of leather that you will find, namely Full Grain Leather. The quality of this leather ensures a long-lasting life and durability. After time and use, the leather will attain a beautiful and unique patina that will show age and grace.
  • FINELY HAND STITCHED: We are proud that each and every one of our products is handmade by expert local artisans of Pastores, Guatemala, a town wholly dedicated to the crafting of leather goods. Each item is hand cut and finished with a fine stitching method than not only looks good, but also makes for a durable finish that will give you a lifetime of use. Any loose ends are passed over with an open flame to ensure no unravelling during its lifetime.
  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT: Hide & Drink swears by its leather, and knows that this fine, rustic Full Grain Leather product will make an excellent gift for friends, family and loved ones. Built to last a lifetime, this item will make a thoughtful, long-lasting gift for anyone and everyone.

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